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Discover the difference a truly great curly hair specialist can make.

Here at Hair Ministry, we love curls as much as you do, and are here to help your beauty shine! Our qualified Curl Masters take salon curl care to the next level, giving every single curl pattern, texture, and type the unique care they deserve. From curl-by-curl cutting to gold-standard nourishing treatments and beyond, you can trust us to leave both you and your hair feeling and looking radiant.

Curly Hair Consultation and Style

Curly Hair Consultation and Style

Each of your curls is as unique as you are. Your consultation appointment will allow us to understand your natural curl pattern, and create a bespoke routine and product recommendations list designed to help you get the most from your hair.

Curl by Curl Haircut

Curl by Curl Haircut

Perfect for everyday curl-wearers, this client-favourite treatment involves an expert hair type analysis session followed by a precise curl-by-curl cut. Don’t forget the washing, conditioning, styling, and finally, dry recut for the perfect lasting finish.

Curly Wash Cut and Style

Curly Wash, Cut and Style

Wear your hair curly and straight? Our classic curly wash, cut, and style service is the ideal opinion. Featuring a hair type assessment, expert styling, and, of course, the best curl products on the market – hand-selected for your hair. Available with a blow-dry finish.

Moisture Mask Treatments for Curly Hair

Moisture Mask Treatments

Treat your curls! From 100% vegan, silicone and parabate-free Only Curls moisture masks to rich Opalex liquid gold leave-in treatments, there’s no end to the little luxuries available here at Hair Ministry.


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Complimentary Consultations

Great things start with a great consultation. Before cutting, washing, or waxing, we’ll get to know you and your goals – crafting a personalised plan tailored to your unique needs.

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“As always Charlie has done a fantastic job! Full colour, cut and style I love it. The best Salon I have ever been too. All the staff are so friendly too.”



“So happy with my cut today, had an Olaplex treatment too, my hair has never felt better. Thank you Abbie, awesome as ever!”



“Had a wonderful experience- Carly was superb and gave me loads of tips on how to manage my curls! My hair looks fantastic and I’m incredibly grateful! Thank you so much!”


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    Ipswich Curly Hairdresser FAQs

    Discovering and understanding your hair type is vital to developing a good haircare and styling routine – especially for those with curls! Universally, curly hair type is categorised into types and subtypes using numbers and letters.

    Type 2 is the loosest, being defined as ‘wavy’. 2A is the most moderate, featuring fine, thin waves. 2C remains wavy but is thicker and more defined, whilst 2B sits somewhere in the middle of the two. This pattern continues for type 3 (curly hair taking the form of spirals), where 3A boasts large, loose curls and 3C features a tighter, more voluminous appearance, and type 4 (coily hair taking the form of a tight Z pattern), where 4A is well defined and springy, and 4C is as dense and tightly coiled as hair comes!

    Identifying your curl type can be tricky. Try examining your hair after it’s been freshly washed and air-dried, ideally without interference from any products. Still in need of assistance, or don’t know how to identify your curl type? Why not book in for a consultation with Hair Ministry’s curly hair specialists?

    There’s not one best haircut for curly hair! When considering how exactly you’d like to trim, style, and maintain your curly tresses, you should consider your specific curl type/pattern, hair texture, and, of course, personal preferences.

    With this being said, our stylists often find that layers are a great way to reduce bulk, and, in some cases, highlight the beauty of natural curl patterns, whilst blunt cuts often create a triangular appearance, and should generally be avoided.

    Some clients with particularly tight curl patterns enjoy opting for length in order to weigh down their curls, making them more manageable for everyday wear.

    If you’re unsure as to the best curly haircut for you, why not book into a Hair Ministry salon for a curly consultation? Our expert stylists will be happy to help guide you through the process of creating the perfect cut.

    Of course, your ideal curly hair trimming frequency is unique to you. With hair growth factors determined by factors including hair type, lifestyle, diet, and environment, it’s best to double-check with your curly hair stylist as to the best possible schedule for you.
    With this being said, most of Hair Ministry’s curly-haired clients pop into the salon at eight to twelve week intervals in order to maintain their style’s shape, remove dead ends, and promote healthy growth.

    If your hair is particularly damaged, you may require more frequent trims in order to keep it in the best possible condition.

    The best possible curly hair experiences are always had with specialists. Before setting foot in a salon, be sure to do your research. Do the stylists have experience in dealing with your hair type? Do they understand your needs? Do they have the products they might need to style your gorgeous locks?

    The right hairdresser will guide you through the consultation process with ease. Feel free to suggest styles and looks you like, and they’ll make recommendations based on your hair type, preferences, and lifestyle.

    As a bonus, our experts recommend bringing up the following in your consultation or salon chair chat:

    • Discuss your curl type and hair health. If you don’t know your curl type or pattern, be sure to request that your stylist completes a curl analysis if they haven’t already! Be sure to bring up any concerns regarding both these factors, and your hair’s general health.
    • Talk styles. Feel comfortable in asking your stylist which cut and style options they feel would work best for your hair, preferences, and lifestyle. If you have any strong ideas or inspiration photos, don’t be shy to bring them up!
    • Ask about products. Your stylist will be happy to recommend products suited to your hair type and style, from shampoos and conditioners to styling products.
    • Request styling tips. Curly hair lovers like us are never short of hair-enhancing styling advice. Take some home with you!

    Whilst most hairdressers have a wealth of experience working with different hair types and client requests – from small trims to complete colour transformations – curly haircuts require an additional level of knowledge, skill, and experience. This means, naturally, that not all hairdressers are able to achieve the best results when working with it.

    In order to ensure you love your final finish, it’s important to seek out a stylist explicitly specialising in curly hair with a good amount of experience. We suggest asking for recommendations from friends and family with similar hair types, reading online reviews, and checking salon websites and social pages. The more evidence of their expertise, the better!

    Hair Ministry is proud home to Ipswich’s renowned Curl Masters – trained specialists in curl cutting, styling, and treatments. We aren’t just technically brilliant, but truly passionate about helping our clients embrace their curls with more radiance and health than ever before.

    Hairdressers specialising in curly haircuts use a wide variety of methods to keep their clients’ curls looking their very best. From layering and texturising to dry cutting, the devacut method, and point cutting, there’s an endless list of options, all designed to help unique curl patterns like yours shine.

    In order to determine which haircut method would be best for your hair, we recommend booking in for a bespoke consultation session, during which we’ll get to know your hair’s unique texture, curl pattern, and condition before making recommendations.

    Steam treatments are no stranger to the world of curly hair. Used here at Hair Ministry in conjunction with moisture masks from Only Curls and Opalex, involves the gentle misting of warm steam to the hair – typically after the application of a deep conditioning treatment. The steam applied helps open up the hair cuticle, allowing for the deeper penetration of all the hair-loving nutrients present in the treatment. After 20 to 30 minutes, your hair should experience a big boost in hydration, enhanced elasticity, and, of course, better curl definition.

    In short, yes, In order to achieve the best possible results, and maintain curl patterns and condition, curly hair needs to be approached in a completely different manner than any other hair type. From differences in layering techniques to the need for curl-by-curl cutting (and recutting), the world of curly haircuts is truly unique.

    For this reason, it’s highly important that those looking to wear their hair curly, whether just some or all of the time, seek a curly hair cutting and styling specialist they can trust. Whilst stylists with the right level of skill and experience can be notoriously hard to find, Hair Ministry happens to be home to a whole team of passionate Curl Masters!

    Whilst your curl type and pattern won’t necessarily change on a structural level as a result of a short haircut, shedding the extra weight at the ends of your locks can cause your remaining curls to spring up and appear more pronounced. Of course, this effect varies according to hair type, condition, and the style of the cut selected, however, it’s to be expected to some level when making a big chop.

    If you’re concerned about changes in your hair’s appearance, be sure to talk to your stylist. They’ll be happy to talk through your worries and guide you in the right direction.

    The term ‘curl pattern’ refers to the natural shape, texture, and formation of hair curls or waves. Curl patterns come in a variety of shapes and forms – from beautiful fine waves to gorgeously dense coils. Due to this high level of variation, curl patterns are generally grouped into four distinct types, within which sit three subtypes. They might sound familiar, and run from type 2A (the finest, loosest type of curl) all the way up to 4C (the thickest, densest type of coil).

    Identifying your curl type can be tricky. Try examining your hair after it’s been freshly washed and air-dried, ideally without interference from any products. Still in need of assistance, or don’t know how to identify your curl type? Why not book in for a consultation with Hair Ministry’s curly hair specialists?