HBA Best Colour Salon 2024

Celebrating Success: Hair Ministry Shines at the UK Hair and Beauty Awards 2024

We are thrilled to announce that Hair Ministry has once again proven its excellence in the hair industry by securing recognition at the prestigious UK Hair and Beauty Awards 2024! With immense pride, we share the news of the salon and team members earning finalist positions in not one, but five coveted categories.

Best Colour Salon

Guess who made it to the final round in the “Best Colour Salon” category at the Hair and Beauty Awards 2024? Yep, you guessed it—Hair Ministry from Ipswich, Suffolk! Known for their killer colour game and their knack for giving clients Insta-worthy hair makeovers, they’re making waves in the industry. With hair colour being a main passion in the group, this recognition isn’t just a nod—it’s a shout-out to their dedication to making every client feel like a superstar.

Donna Garnham: Finalist in Entrepreneur of the Year

Donna is the driving force behind Hair Ministry’s success. Her vision and entrepreneurial spirit have led the teams to incredible growth and recognition. Donna’s dedication to excellence and smart strategies have put Hair Ministry ahead in the industry. Her nomination for Entrepreneur of the Year shows just how committed and inspiring she is as a leader.

Elise Boorman: Finalist in Apprentice of the Year

Every great salon owes its success to its amazing team, and Elise is a shining example of the talent shaping the future of our industry. As a finalist for Apprentice of the Year, Elise’s love for learning, creativity, and sheer dedication to her craft make her stand out as a star in the making. Her drive for excellence and constant growth is inspiring to us all and reminds us why investing in young talent is so important for our industry’s future.

Elise Hair Ministry

Ella Todd: Finalist in Rising Star

Ella’s journey in the hair world has been truly amazing. Being a finalist in the Rising Star category speaks volumes about her incredible skills, innovative approach, and unique artistic flair that have wowed both clients and colleagues. Ella’s determination to push boundaries and go above and beyond perfectly reflects what Hair Ministry stands for, making her a prime example of excellence in our industry.

Ella Hair Ministry

Aaliyah Powell: Finalist in Hair Extensions Specialist of the Year

In an era where hair extensions have become an integral part of modern styling, Aaliyah stands out as a true master of her craft. A finalist in the Hair Extensions Specialist of the Year category, Aaliyah’s expertise, attention to detail, and dedication to client satisfaction have earned her acclaim and admiration. Her ability to transform and elevate clients’ looks through impeccable extension work is a testament to her artistry and skill.


Taking a Moment..

HBA Recognition Team

“As we think on this recognition at UK Hair and Beauty Awards 2024, we want to give a big shoutout to our amazing clients. Your constant support and trust have been the fuel behind our success. And to our incredible Hair Ministry team, you guys rock! Your passion, skills, and hard work have made all of this possible.

Getting recognized at the UK Hair and Beauty Awards 2024 means the world to us. It’s a big deal, but it also reminds us of our commitment to always give our best, try new things, and make sure you leave happy every time you visit us” – Donna Garnham

It’s important to note that the winners will be announced later in the year. While we hold hope for a great result, the group are immensely grateful for the current recognition and the opportunity to celebrate alongside you, their amazing clients and team members.