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Definition makes all the difference. Trust our team to create the very best brow shape for your face with precision waxing. The result? Sleek, tidy brows that will leave you looking and feeling your best.

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Go bolder. Our brow tinting service is here to help your existing brows pop. Whether you want to darken up your blonde brow hairs or enhance what you have, why not embrace our custom blends?

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Brow Wax and Tint

The ultimate brow combination. Achieve your perfect shape and shade in just one appointment with our brow wax and tint deal. Perfect for everything from long-lasting everyday wear to special events!

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Over the years, we’ve made a name for ourselves as one of Ipswich’s best brow bars  – but don’t take it from us. Why not read what our wonderful clients have to say?

“As always Charlie has done a fantastic job! Full colour, cut and style I love it. The best Salon I have ever been too. All the staff are so friendly too.”



“So happy with my cut today, had an Olaplex treatment too, my hair has never felt better. Thank you Abbie, awesome as ever!”



“Had a wonderful experience- Carly was superb and gave me loads of tips on how to manage my curls! My hair looks fantastic and I’m incredibly grateful! Thank you so much!”


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Eyebrow Waxing and Tinting FAQs

Brow tinting is a fantastic way to give your brows a fuller, more defined look without daily makeup application. However, like all beauty treatments, it doesn’t last forever. The effects of eyebrow tinting typically last between 3-6 weeks. This can vary depending on a few factors such as your skincare routine, exposure to sunlight, and your natural hair growth cycle.

If you love the look of tinted brows and want to maintain it, scheduling an appointment every 4-6 weeks is a good rule of thumb. This ensures your brows always look their best and the colour remains vibrant.

For brow advice tailored to your hair type and growth cycle, why not book in for an appointment with our brow specialists? They’ll be happy to help.

Brow tints are a type of semi-permanent brow treatment rooted in transforming the shape and colour of existing brow hair. It works by depositing a gentle, custom-blended semi-permanent pigment onto the brow hair and skin, creating a fuller and more pronounced look. The results typically last from 4-6 weeks.

The service can give sparse or light-coloured brows a thicker and darker appearance, creating a more dramatic and defined effect. It’s particularly common amongst our blonde-browed clients!

There’s no one ‘best’ brow waxing frequency out there – ultimately, how often you book in for appointments should be determined by your individual preferences and hair growth rates.

In order to achieve the best possible results, our brow experts recommend giving your brow hair time to grow out to a length that can be effectively removed using wax. For most people this point comes at around 4-6 weeks post-waxing appointment. If you’re keen on maintaining a sharp brow look or have fast-growing hair, a monthly drop-in with Hair Ministry may be the best option for you.

How long your brow tint lasts ultimately depends on your aftercare, lifestyle, and skin type. Whilst most last for between 4-6 weeks, these factors may influence your results in lasting for a longer or shorter time.

If your skin is on the oilier side, frequently exposed to sunlight, or subject to harsh cleansing or exfoliating products, your tint will likely fade faster. Try to take care of your final results by sticking to light cleansing or avoiding exfoliation where possible in the brow area, swapping oil based face products for water based ones, and minimising sun exposure.

Brow waxing is one of the more affordable brow maintenance options upfront. An eyebrow wax with our talented brow artists here at Hair Ministry is priced at £16.

If you want to add more definition to your brows, our experts suggest combining a brow shape and tint for £23. Both services are carried out by our skilled beauty professionals who aim to give you the perfectly defined brows that can uplift your whole look. Remember, investing a little in your brows can make a big difference!

Following our brow experts’ pre-tinting appointment tips can help ensure the best possible results and longevity. Why not give them a read:

Book a Patch Test: Even if you haven’t had a reaction to hair dye before, it’s always a good idea to do a patch test at least 48 hours prior.

Avoid Brow Makeup: On the day of your appointment, come in with a cleansed, clean face. Brow makeup can interfere with the application and appearance of tints!

Cancel If: If your skin is broken, has open sores, or is sunburnt in the brow area, cancel your appointment and wait for it to heal for your safety and comfort.

Communicate With Your Brow Technician: Be sure to talk to your brow technician about your goals and dream look before getting started. They’ll work with you to achieve it.

Preparing for your brow waxing appointment is one of the best ways to get long lasting results and minimise any post-appointment irritation. Our experts recommend keeping the following tips in mind:

Grow Out Your Brows: Before booking in for your brow appointment, ensure your hair has grown out enough for our wax to be able to remove them in full.

Avoid Topical Creams: Don’t use retinoids, acne treatments, or any other skin-sensitive products on your brow area for at least 48 hours prior to waxing. These can increase sensitivity, resulting in a painful appointment!

Cancel If: If your skin is broken, has open sores, or is sunburnt in the brow area, cancel your appointment and wait for it to heal for your safety and comfort.

Communicate With Your Brow Technician: Be sure to talk to your brow technician about your goals and dream look before getting started. They’ll work with you to achieve it.

Brow waxing is one of the quicker hair removal appointments out there as a result of the small area of hair requiring removal.This doesn’t mean that a huge amount of care isn’t taken in determining your brows’ shape and style!

A typical brow waxing appointment here at Hair Ministry lasts for between 15 to 30 minutes. This time frame allows for the consultation about the desired shape, the actual waxing process, and any finishing touches such as trimming or tweezing stray hairs. Of course, this can vary depending on your individual circumstances and goals.

Most people booking in for their very first brow waxing appointment are worried about the pain. Our brow experts are here to put your fears at ease!

Of course, the waxing process involves a certain level of comfort as a result of the quick way it removes hair directly from the root. However, as it’s so fast, any pain felt is typically very brief – much like a sharp pull or slight sting.

With this said, everyone’s pain levels are different, so what one person finds mildly uncomfortable, another may find more intense. Your aesthetician will work with you to ensure your comfort throughout your appointment.

The good news? The more frequently you wax, the more accustomed your body and skin will become to the sensation of waxing.

Whilst brow tint and hair dye serve essentially the same purpose, they’re not the same thing.

Semi-permanent hair dye is designed to coat the hair on our heads – which is typically more coarse, and undergoes more daily wear and tear in the form of brushing and washing. As a result, its formulation is a little more harsh.

Brow tint, on the other hand, is applied directly to the more delicate hairs seen in our eyebrows – and to the skin beneath it. For this reason, it’s much more gentle, and typically fades slightly faster as a result.

Please note that the two products aren’t interchangeable!

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